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MVS is a visualisation tool tailored to multimodal mathematical visualisation; optimized for perceiving abstract structure mapped flexibly to 3D, motion, sound, and (eventually) haptics; a time based form rather than static viewer; dynamic loading of mathematical concept to be visualised.

The core of MVS is written in C++ and uses the OpenGL Performer 3D graphical toolkit for rendering. The mathematical algorithmns that generate the visualisations are written in Python or C. The current version of MVS runs on SGI IRIX, with a Linux version planned.

MVS shares some similarities with Visual Python, in particular allowing mathematicians with programming skills but not detailed knowledge of 3D graphics to be able to create visualisations. It differs by an emphasis on abstract rather than realistic displays, the capability to render even the most computationally demanding visualisations, and being designed from the beginning for use with immersive or virtual reality displays.

MVS is released under the BSD License.

We will have some screenshots up soon once that capability is added to MVS.

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